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I want...

12:55 AM

I've heard allot of stuff going on and people buzzing around
Her new video was supposed to be the next best thing...FASHION WISE.
And ya'll know me....I just had to
check it out.

And so I did.

Beyonce hinted strong in the beginning of her new video,
"Why Don't You Love Me?" that her shoes would be a focus point,
and let me tell ya'll...she wasn't lying!!!

During her 5-minute video, Beyonce changes her shoes 7 times!!!A few pair that stood out and got me drooling all over the place, were the red and purple Christian Louboutins, the pink platforms in the bath tub scene (I still have no clue from which designers they are..but I'll find out!!), and the Gianmarco Lorenzi platforms with a yellow fluorescent heel and sole.

I had to stop the video a few times
to get a good look at these shoes! Did some quick
research on the net..and after a few minutes
I had found the site that I was looking for.
The heels come in two different colors as you can see above.
Even tough I'm sleepy as hell..there's just one thing that I'm thinking about
right now...
Like OMG! I WANT them sooooo BAD!!!

Quote of the night: I'm seriously thinking
about getting myself a freaking creditcard!!

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