clothes - 1:34 AM

The making of a Brand!

 Sometimes, I wish I were a guy… wait!  Let me take that back! It has come to my attention that there are a lot of gr...

Beauty - 4:23 PM

Tracks, On Tracks, On Tracks!

Long hair, don’t care! There are times in life when a woman has to change the way she looks. A lot a women do th...

Art - 12:41 AM

Celebrity It bag: "La Rue" by Nina Ricci

Lights, camera....ACTION! Ladies are you as excited  as I am to enter fall? (Please read this with all the SARCASME in...

Anna Dello Russo - 2:20 PM

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

I’ll be your fashion whore for the day! The Internet has been buzzing for weeks ever since it was announced  that Fashion DIVA of A...

Celebs - 2:43 AM

A night with Chrisette Michele

       That VOICE! I just got back from an intimate unplugged performance of the Grammy award-winning singer Chrisette Michele!...

clothes - 4:49 PM

Goodbye Summer 2012!

     This wind is messing up my weave! LADIES (and gents!) School has just started, and people are ALREADY depressed as hell...

life - 11:07 PM

United, We Stand!



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