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The making of a Brand!

1:34 AM

 Sometimes, I wish I were a guy…
Let me take that back!

It has come to my attention that there are a lot of great men’s clothing lines out there. And I think that people have also started to notice that I love to wear a T-shirt where I can fit twice in it.

Ladies & gentlemen, there is nothing sexier to me, then walking around in my underwear, wearing a guy’s T-shirt on a cold autumn day…

And because I am on team Single Ladies, it can be challenging sometimes 
to end up with a great shirt…. So I thought!

Holland has some of the best addresses for men’s clothing. 

You can find me walking around in high heels at “Credo”
 in The Hague looking for the best new “it” thing.

They are not surprised anymore when I arrive!

But now for the men (or women) on a budget who don’t always want to spend too much 
(aka… the taxes are going up to 21% on October 1st!), 
there's this new line for him (and me!)

Ladies, grab your man by his hand, sit him in front of the computer and log on to 

If you are heading to a party, or just having a casual day
 (and still want to impress) Wulterkens is the brand to be spotted in.

You know what attracts me the most about this line? 
Their MOTTO!

“ Lead when others follow!”


In a world were a lot of people look the same,
 dress the same and act like we all share the same mothers, 
we need something for our men (and women) to look casually great in.

Wulterkens debuted their line last fashion week during the down town program.

I heard a lot of great stuff about it and was impressed by the designs!

The shirts had some “bling”, sexy ladies, funky color designs 
and all of that other manly stuff going on.

I heard from a little bird that the line is being picked up by a couple of stores in the country!

So why hesitate?

There ain’t NO time to waste! 

(A few Dutch celebrities have already been
 spotted with the Wulterkens Clothing designs!)

Oh and before I forget… they also have shirts for the ladies! 

Quote of the day: I want a shirt with a sexy girl on it!
 Oh… and do the shirts come with a model? What? … A girl can ask! 

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