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Celebrity It bag: "La Rue" by Nina Ricci

12:41 AM

Lights, camera....ACTION!

Ladies are you as excited 
as I am to enter fall?
(Please read this with all the SARCASME in this world!)

I just can’t deal.

But luckily for us, we have all the goodies for fall that will keep us happy until the sun starts shining again.  

(Note that I am writing from Holland… 
I don’t know how the weather is on your side of the screen,
 but here…. We are living in a gray nightmare)

With all of these fashion weeks going on with NEXT season’s fashion (how distracting)... 
We still have to keep our focus on THIS seasons fashion.

And as you might all know, I have a fetish for bags.

This time I’m all over the place and giggling like a little schoolgirl for the
 “bowling bag” inspired handbags by Nina Ricci!

These bags are FLAWLESS! 

And what’s more fabulous then to launch a new line with the help of some 


I’m talking about some GREAT advertisement with the help of moving visuals.

Nina Ricci has teamed up with English artist Jo Ratcliffe for her 
fall/winter 2012-13 collection of the “La Rue” handbags campaign.

The romantic & classy Parisian settings are doing it for me.

Celebrities like Katie Holmes, Kylie Minogue, Olivia Palermo & 
Sarah Jessica Parker have ALREADY been spotted with these fashionable handbags!

Enjoy my favorites!

For more of these FABULOUS items & high FASHION pieces,
just head over to Nina Ricci's official website!

Quote of the day: Luxury comes in different colors. Just ask Nina Ricci!

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