African - 11:02 PM

When Fashion & Food meet!

Girls just wanna have fun! The weather has been so crazy these past few days, just makes me want to pack my bags and go on a lil...

ANTM - 10:30 PM

Update - Celebrity Crush: Nigel Barker

Ladies and gentlemen it is OFFICIAL! Nigel Barker KNOWS that I have a crush on him! After finishing my post last night on my cr...

clothes - 10:47 AM

Fitting Room Diaries: H&M’s Fashion Against Aids 2012

I may be young but I’m READY ....To make a change! So H&M’s Fashion Against Aids hit the stores this past Thursday,  and let me ...

ANTM - 1:27 AM

Celebrity Crush: Nigel Barker

Gosh he is so fine! Today was the birthday of one of my favourite judges on ANTM ! The handsome Nigel Barker.  *fans herself* ...

bags - 1:22 AM

Celebrity It bag: Celine Mini Luggage

Life would be boring without bags! Almost bought this bag today unfortunately,  they didn’t have the color that I wanted! The infamo...

African - 10:45 PM

H&M's Fashion Against Aids 2012

Who  doesn't  like to shop for a good cause? For the past five years H&M has collaborated with international illustrators ...

Beauty - 8:55 PM

Beyonce Most Beautiful Woman!

She got the swag so she drippin’ swagoo Seriously who doesn’t love Beyonce? There is practically nothing that  this woman can’t do! ...

Beauty - 12:27 AM

Naomi hit me!!!

dresses - 11:26 PM

Fitting room diaries!

Once in a while, a girl has to treat her self to something nice! And so I did! After a long weekend of work and a fashion show,...

Beauty - 9:42 PM


The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice! As I was busy working on the companies  next up coming fashion show this morning, my...

fashion - 12:44 AM

Easter Fashion

I would like to wish all of my readers a happy and blessed Easter! Stay Fabulous. XOXO Kiwi

African - 12:16 AM

African Weddings!

Weddings are always nice Le Boyfriend and I attended our first wedding together yesterday…and boy were  we smoking hot! It was ...

Black woman - 12:23 PM

Stephany’s Black Style Magazine

I guess the “black hair community” is making it’s intro over here. So I went to the first ever “Black Hair” convention over the weeke...

Celebs - 11:49 PM

It's Brandy B*tch!

I see you Brandy! As I was strolling along the net I found some FIERCE pics of  Brandy rocking a new hair do for the April issue of YRB M...

Black woman - 10:53 PM

Braid It Up & Treat It with Argan Oil!

Twist it up Ok, so I know I was ranting about being happy that I was going natural for a while… BUT I got distracted by a style that I wa...

fashion - 2:09 PM

Let's get to SHOPPING!

Shopping is like therapy! Last week Monday was a really fun day. I went to a sample sale,  which was held in Eindhoven (1.5 hours away fro...



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