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9:42 PM

The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice!

As I was busy working on the companies
 next up coming fashion show
this morning, my girl Fran hit me up to
 let me know that I was
featured on the famous Tumblr blog

For the people who are not familiar with this blog, FYDG is a blog
dedicated to all the beautiful dark skinned woman out there. 

I personally think it's nice to have a blog about black girls, which 
shows more then the "stereotypical" black women whom have
been portrayed  in the media like in "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"or
on "Basketball Wives"

I can't stand those ignorant 40 something year old birds, who are SUPPOSED 
to be role models for young girl growing up.

Now everybody wants to look like a dumb broad who has a temper
(and I still don't understand why in the world these women are called WIVES, while
non of them are ACTUALLY married to a b ball player) 
and think it's okay to act a fool in public.

I'd be EMBARRASSED if my mom was still acting like a 
16 year old on national TV!

Anyways, I know that this blog inspires allot of girl & I'm glad they are doing it.

Black girls have more to offer then just big butts and thighs.
And don't let me start on that whole "Black vs. Light skinned" crap. 

There is nothing wrong with being dark skinned!

Fuck Yeah Dark Girls can also be found on Facebook

Quote of the night: I love the skin that I'm in!

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