Music - 12:30 PM


A great weekend starter! Thank God it's Friday !! Get in the mood while listening to my FAV . song of this moment!!

fashion - 11:09 PM

Welcome back!

As I’m sitting here in my room sipping on my vanilla chi-late…. I’m thinking about all the time I HAVEN’T been blogging! Every time I’m ...

Celebs - 12:15 AM

Me &...

The weather wasn’t so great today… but something fun did happen. I wasn’t really “dressed” for the occasion, but hey…I was felling great. (B...

fashion - 1:58 PM


To all my Fashionistas out there... Ya'll know what time it is! Trends and pictures to come....

fashion - 1:27 PM

My Different Faces #2

The weather is banging, and so are my outfits (if I may say so myself!) I told myself that this would be the summer where I would go all o...

girlfriends - 11:42 PM

Summer Summer Summer Time!

I'm being STALKED on the BBM right now! (Yes I have crazy friends that don't sleep at night!) But that’s not why I came to write....

fashion - 10:31 PM


Celebs - 7:22 PM

Sex & The City 2 - Mini Fashion rundown

I know I promised ya'll that I would come with a review of SATC 2! But with the fact that, 1. I didn't make it to the Ladies Ni...

fashion - 6:04 PM

My Fav. Fahion soundtracks

Here are 2 of my favorite movie soundtracks! I don't know why, but I've had "Suddenly I See" in my head the whole day. A...

Black woman - 11:18 PM

Three Black men & One Black woman's Sacrifice

Three black man and one black woman where holding onto a rope hanging from a helicopter. The rope could not hold all four, so they decide...

Celebs - 3:26 PM

Kelly Rowland for ELLE Magazine : Wardrobe Chic!

My girl Kelly did a shoot for ELLE magazine recently... and let me tell ya'll ... she looks totally FABULOUS! I have always been a Kell...

Black woman - 11:52 AM

Beautiful Black Woman

Beautiful Black Woman, your beauty is surpassed by none Beautiful Black Woman, your sensuous splendour is like the shining sun Your wond...

fashion - 1:58 PM

My Different Faces

Who ever told you that being overdressed is something bad…should… Wait let me tell you something… Grab something heavy…look at them and drop...

Beyonce - 12:55 AM

I want...

I've heard allot of stuff going on and people buzzing around ...about..Beyonce! Her new video was supposed to be the next best thing...F...



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