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12:15 AM

The weather wasn’t so great today… but something fun did happen.
I wasn’t really “dressed” for the occasion, but hey…I was felling great.
(Being FAB com’s from the inside! Remember that!)

I was dressed in a black hammer pants (Zara), a white tank top (H&M), a black leather jacket (Pimkie), my black Converse and to finish the whole “Nerdy” look…I had my big Ray Ban glasses. (I didn’t make a picture of my outfit, but I’ll make it up in a other post !)

My plan for the day was to go to my girlfriend Lo’s house and enjoy the day, but the girl wanted to go down town and so we did.

It was Lo, her sister , Jeleesa and me. A girls afternoon out!
Because we all had to do our stuff, we decided to split…and let me tell you THAT was a good idea.

The sisters went their way and Jeleesa and me went ours. As soon as I stepped out of the first store we got in…I recognized this guy…from afar.

His name? Eljero Elia. Profession? Soccer player for the Dutch team.
He seriously kicked ass during the World Cup in South Africa, I’m not even gonna lie

Well to make this long post a short one (because I can hear my bed calling me)…I took a picture with him! He was really cool and chill to talk to. Even snapped a picture with him and Lo’s sister…(she “knows” him..and she’s the one who walked up to him in the first place!)

Eljero & me

Eljero & Renah

Quote of the night: I'm too old to act like a groupie, but I have to admit

he's CUTE!

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