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Summer Summer Summer Time!

11:42 PM

I'm being STALKED on the BBM right now!
(Yes I have crazy friends that don't sleep at night!)

But that’s not why I came to write.
I’m here cause I FINALLY can!...College is over! It’s all about the summer-break…that I deserve!

The summer has started! And you know what that means right?

I’m talking about attending this summer’s hottest events (fashion wise), enjoying the weather,
Relaxing at the beach, eating the finest foods, hanging around with my girls, having mani/pedi’s, shopping, meeting new people…

Just being 20 & being Fabulous!

So many things have already happened, and yes, I will post all of it and more right here!

People got married, some got a year older, tears have flown, smiles have gotten bigger, prayers have been answered, temptation has occurred, friendships have gotten stronger and shit has happened!

That’s all to come...But for now…I’ll leave ya’ll with one of my favourite songs.
A lil thing to fall a sleep to!

Quote of the night: Crap! I just broke a nail!..Ok bed-time!

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