- 5:38 PM

Chanel Spring/Summer 2010

Spring is finally here! I taught we would never be able to enjoy the sun again! Seriously, those grey clouds really started to work on my ...

Celebs - 6:24 PM

Sex & The City 2

OMG !!! Ladies it's finally (almost) here!!! The second part of Sex & The city! I'm such a BIG fan of the series!! That's w...

Beyonce - 5:29 PM

Catch the Heat!

The weather is SO nice today! Seriously, I'm hating on everybody who has a day off! I wish I could go outside and rest my perfectly ma...

- 1:37 PM

The new 20- something girl on the Block!

Ladies & Gentlemen it is my honor to present you the new girl in the 20 -something world! My girl Jessy just turned 20 today! I remem...

- 12:39 PM

The Love for Make up!

I believe in a clean, simple and luminous face that highlights your best features. Focus on facial skin health and use everyday makeup to en...

fashion - 5:35 PM

Lovely Nails

Ladies, ladies, listen up! It has come to my attention that OPI nail polish is the new IT factor of this spring/summer! Everywhere I g...

- 2:41 PM

A lil' something inbetween!

As I was checking Twitter on my BlackBerry , I got snapped paparazzi -style! Don't worry ya'll I don't always sit like this beh...

life - 12:08 AM

I was just thinking....

The fact that I'm still awake at this time of the day, might make other people think I'm nuts! There's just something about the...

Celebs - 5:53 PM

Naomi gone wilde!..Yet again!

Naomi Campbell just can't seem to keep her hands (and her cellphone) to herself. This time she jacked her limo driver and the cops are...

Celebs - 7:08 PM

Timbaland ft SoShy & Nelly Furtado - Morning After Dark

I just can't get enough of this tune! XoXo Kiwi

busy - 6:48 PM

Busy Busy Busy!

Been so busy lately, people keep ' harassing'me to post new things. LOL ! I can say i already have friends/fans who just can&...

life - 2:43 PM

New York..The LOVE of my Life!

New York!!!! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There's nothing you can’t do, Now you're in New York!!! These streets will...



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