Naomi gone wilde!..Yet again!

5:53 PM

Naomi Campbell just can't seem to keep her hands (and her cellphone) to herself. This time she jacked her limo driver and the cops are looking for her!
According to an NBC New York report, Campbell, 39, became enraged with her chauffeur and -- from the back seat -- slapped and punched him as he drove. And, yes, Campbell allegedly struck her driver with her cell phone, he told authorities.
The driver eventually stopped the car on the Upper East Side to call 911; that's when Campbell jumped out of the car and ran. Cops are presently "looking to speak to her," the report says.
Seriously i LOVE Naomi...but this whole hitting stuff needs
to end! She needs Anger management treatment! like ASAP!
But my biggest question is...was Naomi running
from the police in Louboutin's or Choo's???
Quote of the day: I want one of those T-shirts!!!!

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