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Lovely Nails

5:35 PM

Ladies, ladies, listen up!
It has come to my attention
that OPI nail polish is the
new IT factor of this

Everywhere I go, all of a sudden
all I hear is : OPI. OPI, OPI!
I don't know where this
trend is coming from,
but I LOVE it!

OPI Nail Polish works
wonders on either
natural fingernails or acrylic nails.

People who know me,
know that I never get out of
the house, without my nails
being coloured!

And to be honest,
I think that every woman
has to have nail polish on!
I just HATE seeing woman walking around
with messed up nails and chipped off nail polish!

After doing some research on the net,
I bumped into an article that I once
saw..but didn't really pay attention to it.

The article contained the new spring/summer collection
of OPI!!!!

(I already bought yellow and got blue in a goodiebag at a fashion show I attended!)

The new line is called : Hong Kong, and is based on the style
and trends of the country!

Girls, I am telling you,
these colours are just FABULOUS!

I know allot of woman who are
already addicted to it.
So why not join us
in this colourful
journey of FAB
nail polish?
Get you hands
spring/summer ready
and shine like a DIVA!

Quote of the day: Which colour are you rocking this spring/summer?

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  1. OPI has been it since I weighted 167 pounds [since two years ago] bebe! But this exclusive brand is making it to errbodies dressoir and it's about time! Thank you so much, doll, for shining light on this fabuloso nailpolish-madi-pedi brand!

    The post of a true Diva!

    Quote of the year: A Diva is always one step ahead of looking, being and living Fabulous!



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