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I believe in a clean, simple and luminous face that highlights your best features. Focus on facial skin health and use everyday makeup to enhance instead of covering up what is naturally beautiful. Makeup is supposed to be fun, and I encourage the use of color - while keeping it simple. (but sometimes you can go Funky Fresh if you want too!)

Sometimes there calls for a little bit more makeup for special occasions and for the occasional blemish left behind by an irritating pimple. But here, I'd like to share with you my simplistic beauty and makeup routine.

Before the Makeup Prep:

#1 Wash Your Face Every Night - no matter what!(it can be hell sometimes,but believe me your skin will look better with age!)

#2 Use An Overnight Moisturizer: Your body repairs itself while you sleep, and I'm often surprised to find my most beautiful moments in the mirror when I wake up... there's a lot of clarity. (Actually SLEEP itself is a skin revitalizer, so get your beauty rest.)

#3 Exfoliate Weekly (I'm totally in LOVE with the Therme Skincare products! Keeps your skin smooth and glowing!)

#4 Apply an Eye Cream night and day.

#5 Use a Daily SPF 30+ Lightweight Moisturizer under makeup to help foundation adhere and look more natural.

#6 Keep eyebrows and other unsightly facial hair groomed and clean. Do not over tweeze your TWEEZ a brow and you PLUCK a chicken!

#7 Don't forget your lips - brush them with an extra toothbrush right after you brush your teeth and apply Vaseline or Cocoa Butter on your lips for moisture at night.

#8 Moisturize feet, knees, elbows, hands and ankles with cocoa butter/Vaseline every night before you hit the sack.

Natural Makeup:

#1a - If you have a somewhat clear and even complexion but may have an unsightly pimple to cover up every now and then, or just want to help brighten your under eye area, you can get away with just using concealer. Ladies, it MUST match your complexion exactly. When shopping for an exact match concealer, always use natural light to help judge which shade is best for you - which means stepping outside of the store to chose the best match. (Try MAC's Studio Sculpt Concealer.)

#1b - If you desire a foundation because you have a bit of uneven skin tone and texture, I recommend using a liquid foundation to enhance youthfulness and glow. MAC's foundation (30 euro) is a dream and comes in all tones of different skin of colors!

#2a - Adding a bronzer on top of bare skin and/or foundation gives you another level of dimension that brings back the natural depth and dimension to your skin. Bronzer should be applied to the hollows of cheek, temple, hair line, chin, and swept lightly across your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. You can go without blush if you want a simple look with just bronzer.Bronzer and cheek color brings life back into your face.

#3 Sweep a couple coats of mascara on the lashes, and don't forget the bottom lashes for a wide eyed effect. (To kick it up like a Diva, try a dark brown or soft black eyeliner and apply as close as you can get it to your lash line. That will lift your eye.)

#4 Apply a coat of lip gloss, satin or lustre lipstick (without glitter) that is close to your natural lip color, and VOILA!

Hope ya'll liked the tips, use them and be sure to look FAB all day everyday!

And don't forget...a true Diva uses MAC!

The Best Brand Ever!

I want it all!!

Can you say FAB?

Blue Dream


Eye Candy!


"It's Barbie %&*$!"

Proud owner!

Different Faces!

Face of the Urban Geisha!

Pink? Yes Miss!

Quote of the day: Use make up to enhance your beauty...don't over do it!

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