bride - 5:32 PM

Too proud to crack!!!

I was in Belgium today. I wrote this blog at the moment of the situation, only I wasn’t able to post it at the same time. Enjoy!-- Ya’ll ...

- 5:29 PM

One icon is Gone

What i’m gonna say right now is like telling ya’ll that the sky is blue. What I’m gonna tell ya’ll is something EVERYBODY already knows!...

- 5:27 PM

To sleep or not To sleep?

As I’m laying here in my comfy Queen Size bed (yes I need space when I sleep!), I’m thinking… isn’t sleeping a waist of precious time? I me...

- 5:23 PM

Does misery need company???

So I have this friend right, let’s call her S. S. just met this guy X. at a party she went to a couple weeks a go. She was al happy and tal...

- 5:18 PM

Stupidity can strike all of us…even me!

Have you ever had to laugh about something you did? Something stupid? I have had my part of stupid stuff happening to me, but this is t...

- 5:11 PM

The First!

“It’s me Snitches!” Haha..i love saying that! Welcome to my blog! Here is a lil about me… I love to write! If I wouldn’t be able to writ...



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