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“It’s me Snitches!” Haha..i love saying that!

Welcome to my blog! Here is a lil about me…

I love to write! If I wouldn’t be able to write, then honestly I wouldn’t even k now what to do with my life!

I love talking about things that keep me busy ( and usually I talk about 1000 things at the time!) and the things I go trough on a daily basis.

From how to deal with cheating boyfriends, to “so called” friends talking behind your back, having a huge laugh at school, finding the perfect shoes for a lil Black Dress, to handling serious matters such as; teenage pregnancy, growing up in a one-parental house and more.
Fashion…I LOVE fashion. I could never get enough of it. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not about WHO you wear (but sometimes it is !) but HOW you wear it.

I’m not addicted to it, fashion doesn’t own me, I own fashion! Some people are just slaves to it! How you notice that? By the way they act AFTER they have bought their first designer-clothing/ shoes/ bags!

Seriously, some people change after that! It’s like they sold their souls after buying that first pair of Jimmy Choo!

Anyways, I love to meet new people, dance and eat! I can honestly say that the saying : “Never judge a book by it’s cover” was meant for me!

20…and I’m in this city called The Hague in The Netherlands.

How I’ll survive 20? I don’t know yet, but I guess I’ll find out by the end of my journey!
So, read up and enjoy my rambling of relationships, trials and tribulations in life and fashionable stuff.

You’ll cry, laugh and think reading this blog.

This Is My Perspective and The World Is My Catwalk!

Quote of the day : 2010 has started! Leave ’09 and everything that happened back there…I’m moving on…I suggest ya’ll to the same!


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