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Too proud to crack!!!

5:32 PM

I was in Belgium today. I wrote this blog at the moment of the situation, only I wasn’t able to post it at the same time. Enjoy!--

Ya’ll never guess where I’m at right now. I’m somewhere where I didn’t even think I would ever set foot…
I’m somewhere where most woman would call a “magical” place.
This is really the first time that I’ve been in a place like this.
My mom wants to buy a corset…

One of my friends (I ain’t gonna call no names) always told me that sometimes she just walks in a place like this just to admire the dresses. And after that she just leaves!
I even heard, that some woman buy these dresses when they don’t even have a man in their lives yet!

I think by now ya’ll know where I’m at! At least my FEMALE readers know!
I never understood why the hell woman make a whole fuss about these dresses! Usually I would say: “As long as you feel like a princess, wear what you want!”

But now that I’m here…I never knew there was so many things to choose from!
I mean..there is 1000 types of different “white” to choose from, shoes, veils, tiaras and off course the different types of dresses!

After looking around for a while…I’m slowly starting to understand why we as woman, have more difficulty to find “The Dress”.

As I’m observing a dress, the next one on the rack just catches my eyes…and so do’s the next & the next!

I’m definitely a “strapless” kind of girl! So that’s 1 thing I already know.
But then there’s the material…something ruff, something soft or something strange?
Choices, choices! I’m for sure that I’m not ready to make one yet.

But only by looking…I’m starting to wonder…will I be one of those “Bridezillas” when I get to that part of my life?

I mean I have to be honest…getting married is the most important happening in life! (Next to giving birth to children…which I’ll try to POSTPONE as long as I can! The pain! Oh Lord!)
Getting married is something that only has to happen ONCE! And that day…just HAS TO BE PERFECT!

So now that I’m thinking of it…how will I manage all the preparations? What kind of dress will I be wearing? What kind of food will be served? What kind of…
(My thoughts getting interrupted!)

“Don’t stare too long. You’ll get hooked…you need to get a man before you touch it sweety! Hahaha!”

I turn around…it’s the owner of the boutique!
She smiles at me, winks and leaves.
(I’m thinking while walking away)“Damn! She caught me lost in my thoughts!…I’m back in reality.”

Seriously…I don’t understand what the hell happened in there.
One minute I’m sitting there looking at my mom trying on a corset and next thing I know I’m making wedding plans???


I know one thing for sure, I ain’t stepping in one of these shops for a while!
Just by thinking of it…by being there, I almost became one of those girls that already fantasies about the whole thing…while not even HAVING a man!!!

See, now THAT is just the reason why I never set foot in a place like that!!!
Think about it…a girl that’s a lil “mushy” will instantly crack after visiting a place like that!
Get out of the store and start doubting herself…”When will I get married?”, “I wish I had somebody”, “I want that dress!” and so on and so on!
Girl please!


My ego is too BIG and I’m to PROUD!

I’ll never think like that! Making yourself depressed and ish. Hell no!

So dear SINGLE ladies out there, if you know you won’t be able to go out the store without being suicidal afterwards…don’t go.

Unless somebody you know is getting married and she wants you to be there, or YOU’RE getting married yourself!

Quote of the day: Keep on walking!

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