Stupidity can strike all of us…even me!

5:18 PM

Have you ever had to laugh about something you did? Something stupid?

I have had my part of stupid stuff happening to me, but this is the first major ‘happening’ in the year ’10! Well sit back and keep on reading, because this was a big laughter AFTER I found out that I did something STUPID.

It all started a few months ago. We hade to have an internship by February , and so we had a lot of classes to get us ready for the internship.

We had to look for companies our selves and to be honest I couldn’t find anything that looked interesting. So after a few weeks I started to look in the field of PR! And boy did it have FABULOUS agencies! Seriously…the PR-world is just…WOW! I mean, you get to work with great people, organize big events and the list go’s on and on!

Anyways, let me get on with my story here…so I started to gather all the addresses of PR-agencies that were looking for interns. I even asked one of my BFF’s ( shout out to FRIZAH!) if she could help me out with making a good letter to send along with my resumĂ© ( that I also fixed up in to a fabulous-2-pages-resume! The other one I used to have was 4 pages long! I know…don’t ask!)

So here I go sending all my info along with my resume. The day after sending all my e-mails, I started to get replies from the companies. And I got the same answers from all of them…”Thank you for applying, but your internship period is too short.”

So I got a lil’ irritated bout all those replies. So as I was about to throw in the towel in the ring, one of my classmates, Erick, told me that I was wrong about the date! The fact was that the period of my internship was from 1 of February till the 9th of April! ( and I kept on saying it was till the 9th of March!!)

Can ya’ll believe that!?! Seriously till this day I don’t even understand how in the hell I could have changed the dates in my head!!

After that I tried to re-do everything by sending e-mails to the companies (by telling them that my school had changed the dates…com on now, ya’ll know I wasn’t gonna tell them that I was the one who wasn’t paying attention! What kind of first impression would that have been?)
Well to make a whole story a lil bit shorter…I didn’t get non of the internship (they all still thought the period was too short.

But the good news was after all that trouble, I did find 2 companies who wanted me! One was at a PR-agency and the other was at a modelling agency. I went to both interviews and finally choose for the modelling agency!

So here you have it ladies and gentlemen, after all those troubles I’m working as a modelling agent and I LOVE my job!
And to get back on the title of this article…I can say as true believer that stupidity can really strike all of us!

Quote of the day: It don’t mater where you from, the color of your skin…STUPIDITY AIN’T A RACIST!

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