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5:29 PM

What i’m gonna say right now is like telling ya’ll that the sky is blue.

What I’m gonna tell ya’ll is something EVERYBODY already knows!

TODAY IS THE KICK OFF START OF NEW YORK FASHIONWEEK!!!Today is the day that many fashionistas around the world are looking forward too.

I’m talking about a whole week of fashion!!! The sexiest shoes, bags, make up and clothes! Just for a few days the world just “stops” to admire the season’s collections!

The glitz, the glam, the paparazzis!…and not to forget PETA!…What is Fashionweek without crazy and hysterical PETA-members waiting outside just to scream and throw red paint at you as soon as they catch you wearing that fur! Hoooww…how I miss New York!

Anyways, the day started with the second most tragic news of the decade (the first would probably be the fact that I used to hate UGG boots…and now that I have my pair I’m like “what the hell was I thinking back then? These boots are so warm! How could I have been without them for so long? This is TRAGIC!”).

I hope ya’ll know what I’m talking about…

Alexander Mcqueen’s death!

Today was seriously a black day in fashion (after Gianni Versace & Yves St. Laurent)
Today everywhere around the globe, little fashionistas, fashion-addicts, fashion-slaves, bloggers and everybody else and their mamas where shocked by this tragic news.
First thing that popped up in my head was “WHY?”

I mean, you are one of the most edgy and talented designers of these last few years. You got Gaga rocking your outfits and shoes in her latest video (Bad Romance) and some of the biggest A-list celebs waiting in line to wear something from you!
And all of a sudden, you aren’t here anymore…


I did a lil’ research on the internet about the cause of death, but couldn’t find anything. The only information I could find was some speculations about why he COULD have done it. (This info hasn’t been confirmed yet! So please, don’t go out there and tell people what you read here was the truth! My blog ain’t no gossiping thing! And if you do spread rumors I will have to contact my lawyer…) (I’m joking!)

CNN mentioned that Mcqueen was very stressed and going trough financial issues. Word is the crisis was making it hard for him to stay on top. People were even talking about him going bankrupt! Another reason could have been the death of his mother. She had passed away 8 days before! Word is he was depressed about loosing her.

So could one of these things have been the reason why he chose to take his own life?
Fashion is known for it’s glitter and glamour and trends and colors and shoes and dresses and make up and bags…but what do we really know about the people behind all this?

Not much.

My condolences go’s out to his family in these hard times.
The fashion world has lost a great icon!

Quote of the day: Fashion is like any entertainment industry. It’s fickle. I’ve always seen it in the same light – Alexander Mcqueen

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