Black woman - 10:03 AM

Rihanna Lashes out at Dutch Chief Editor of "Jackie" magazine!

  Well damn… Good morning to you too! One of my morning rituals when I first open u my eyes, is looking for my Iphone. You know,  just th...

Chanel - 10:12 PM

Diva Heading To Paris

How the hell am I going to carry all this? Well I’m just done packing all of my stuff for tomorrow.  I just can’t wait to be back in  Par...

life - 1:22 PM

No More Drama.... In The Kitchen

Is it just me or I was I born to totally NOT f it in a kitchen? One of my girl's mother was celebrating her birthday a few weeks ago,...

Burberry - 10:27 PM

Something to keep you warm.

The Wind has had NO RESPECT for my weave today! Well it looks like “Hurricane Season” has hit The Netherlands! This windy season that i...

girls - 11:36 PM

The Other Woman

I’m having a Sex & The City-moment! I know that when you reach a certain age, you start to look at some things in life differently. Now...

africa - 9:16 AM

Miss Africa Netherlands 2011

Good morning people! Let's start the day with one of the projects that I worked on. Make sure to be there & support these girls on ...

life - 8:44 PM

That ish CRAY!

OMG! Ya'll know what?, I ain't even going to front... I have reach a new level of "neglecting"! You know when you have f...

africa - 11:47 PM

In African Fashion is wear I left my heart!

After a successful hair show that took place on the 30 th of July,  Namaste Hair Trendz will be holding another fashion show combined wi...

fashion - 12:33 AM

No Matter What Yo Momma Said, I Still Look Cooler Then You!

Damn these glasses! This week has started off looking nice. The sun has been shining all up in my face & the wind has been blowing all ...

events - 11:12 PM

Put on your BOOTS & go exploring!

Time go’s so fast when you’re having fun! I hade a fun day today! First I got my ass kicked by the rain & the wind, and then I had the ...



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