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Miss Africa Netherlands 2011

9:16 AM

Good morning people!

Let's start the day with one of the projects that I worked on.
Make sure to be there & support these girls on the 3rd of December.

This first event has LIMITED tickets! So be quick.

Miss Africa Netherlands prides itself in empowering young African women in the Netherlands to become role models and to create a positive impact in their communities. 

These Queens would become ambassadors for Africa and have their names marked on the sands of time. Together, let us come out and support them on Saturday, December 3rd 2011 at the Atlas Party Center, Amsterdam (Buikslotemeerplein 7), in advancing this honorable, humane and just cause. 

This initiative of Miss Africa Netherlands is aimed at helping women of African descent residing in the Netherlands to capture their dreams. The winners will receive prizes to support their personal endeavor; be it educational, entrepreneurship or career. 

Miss Africa Netherlands' mission is to provide educational opportunities and to encourage outstanding Africans in their fields of education as well as professions specifically, but not limited to the young African women. It is founded with the aim to developing and enhancing the whole African mind, body, and spirit as well as to project a positive image of Africa and advocate for the needy within our community. 

The Miss Africa Netherlands signifies the "essence" of today's women and is a positive youth development program that will reward and encourage the personal development and accomplishments of young women of African descent in the Netherlands. We take pride in our objectives to empower women of African descent by; 

• Increasing Access to Healthcare and Health Education,
• Increasing Access to Education,
• Advocating for Women and Children's rights,
• Supporting Women's Initiatives. 

The winners are empowered to become ambassadors for Africa, local titleholders, become active participants in effective charitable events and embracing the spirit of "giving back" to their local communities. And at the same time, help to foster strong values, community involvement and success oriented women considering the fact that the woman is the backbone of every family on whose shoulder, a positive community development would come from. This year's queen would be committed during her reign in representing, the organization in achieving its objectives and fostering its goals. 

Miss Africa Netherlands stresses the importance of higher education for young women which is a clear reflection in awarding the titleholder(s) Educational Scholarships and Sponsored gifts & prizes to further this endeavor. 

For more information, visit our website at: www.missafricanetherlands.com, 
Facebook, Twitter &  Their Blog, 

Pictures by Mike Zandoka & Frandjescka Balootje.
Make up by Feathers & Lashes.

Quote of the day: " I'm proud of my girls...Now Momma gotta let ya'll go!"

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