accessories - 11:17 PM

Lady Africa; The Pop-Up Boutique

The holidays are coming! Am I the only one, who likes to add color  to her life during these cold days? No?... Thank the fa...

accessories - 8:12 PM

Cosmo Dinner: The Birthday Edition!

Is it just me or does it feel like December is almost over? Life can be so crazy sometimes and full of unexpected events, that you ...

black man - 4:33 PM

His legacy will live on FOREVER!

Quote of the day: " No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated"  - Nelson Mandela

accessories - 11:31 PM

December Flashbacks!

Girls, ya’ll better hold on to your weaves,  because this is going to be a fast ride! As we are approaching the end of the...

Black woman - 9:50 PM

As we approach the end of the year...

So much has happened in the past few weeks...  December will be FULL of recaps of the previous months  and some MORE drama! Yes...

accessories - 2:45 PM

Throwback Thursday: Pink Friday - 2nd Edition!

Pretty girls wear PINK! As the month of October is coming to an end, I can look back with the feeling that even though I might not be a...

bags - 9:39 AM

The Story About Goodie Bags!

Quote of the day: About to have a blogpost attack in a few! 

Beauty - 11:52 AM

My Run On Heels!

Child, I hope nobody breaks a leg! I have a question for my ladies; How hard have you ever ran in heels to catch a train or a bus...

bags - 8:12 PM

Pearl: The Final Countdown!

I have some tea to spill… and I am NOT talking about drinks here! The Pearl Multicolor event is approaching with a fast speed...

Beauty - 4:58 PM

Time to Go Pink!

Pretty girls wear PINK For most people October might be the month where everything revolves around fa...

accessories - 11:40 PM

The Cool Kids RUN THIS TOWN!

You can’t sit with us! I remember back in my high school days, when we used to have all these different types of cliques and we wer...

bags - 2:03 AM

Every woman is a PEARL!

Girls! Ya’ll are going to  LOVE THIS!  A little while a go  (before I went MIA in NYC ) I had left a message on the Cosmos &...

Beauty - 6:51 PM

A Cosmos & Lipstick Giveaway!

September is HERE! I hope everyone had a FAB vacation  (I sure did!) and has enough memories to reminisce about the go...

bags - 4:12 AM

New York... I've MISSED you!

There’s nothing you can’t do… when you’re in New York! Oh, how I LOVE this city! For the once who were wondering where I have be...

ANTM - 1:21 AM

Fifty Shades of Hell No!

Why do people like to play with my emotions so much?  I got Catfished! I hope the summer is as good to ya’ll as it has been ...

Amsterdam - 12:44 AM

A Naughty Girls Night Out: The India Monae Life!

Who wants that perfect dress anyway? Cliché! Cliché! The summer is finally here, and I have tried to enjoy  every single bit of ...

accessories - 2:02 AM

H&M: Back To The Beats!

Sophisticated RATCHET! It looks like everyone & their grandmothers  have jump on the “ Pour It Up ” lifestyle! H&M rele...

Beauty - 11:49 PM

A PIOGG Summer!

Damn you Dutch summer! The summer has OFFICIALLY begun…. But I’m sitting in my house listening to Kelly Rowland’s new album (...

album - 11:56 PM

Magna Carta Holy Grail

Those beats!!! A 3-minute commercial was released by Samsung yesterday, featuring Jay-Z, Pharrell, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz and Rick ...

africa - 5:07 PM

A Cosmopolitan and some other sweet stuff...

            I hope this summer is going to be             good for us… I have plans! It has been a little bit quiet on TITC… the...

Beauty - 12:52 AM

Get Summer Ready With Teyana Taylor!

HOT DAMN! * Puts her food down & starts run…. Just kidding!  Keeps on eating! * Can someone PHU-LEASE tell ...

Black woman - 7:34 PM

A little update!

Quote of the day: There is MORE to come! Cosmos & Lipstick...  Ya'll curious yet?

Art - 2:46 AM

Met Gala 2013: Punk-Chaos to Couture!

I don’t think that some of these celebrities got the memo about this year’s dress code for the Met Gala! Ladies and gents...

accessories - 2:57 PM

The Pitbull in a skirt!

Who says you can’t combine  men’s clothes whit a skirt? It’s been a while since I shot another outfit… and this tim...

Amsterdam - 12:01 PM

Why Girls Love Beyoncé!

Let me school you guys for a minute.  I know I have been a  lil' quite on the blog.  But for those of you who follow me on so...

Ka'oir - 1:23 PM

Va Va Voom!

Lipstick: Ka'oir   Snapback: Obey Clothing

clothes - 10:00 AM

Nasty Gal!

Go ahead girl, I see you! As I’m sitting here, warm and cozy on the couch (with my two best friends...Ben &Jerry), I’m...

accessories - 10:00 AM

She Ratchet!

Those ratchet moments in life! Okay so ya’ll might have heard about the word “ RATCHET ”. If you haven’t… here’s the defi...

accessories - 10:00 AM

Black America

Rings: H&M , River Island , In MyDresser  & Forever21 .  Scarf: Pimkie .  Lipstick: Chanel

Black woman - 11:16 PM

Because I Am A Woman...

Being a woman is the greatest thing on earth! Last Friday night had to be one of the craziest evenings I have had ...

Alexander McQueen - 8:12 PM

In The Mag. - Beyoncé for Vogue

I swear I’m not a STAN!  As Beyoncé is probably working hard on her upcoming tour  ( WHICH   I GOT TICKETS FOR!!!!!!! )  she...

me - 11:24 PM


Quote of the day: Because EVERY girl has a inner  HOOD RAT she needs  to let out once in a while! Shout out to FabChiq for...

Beyonce - 11:11 PM

Life Is But A Dream!

Quote of the day: I have reached a new level of RESPECT for this SUPERWOMAN !

Beauty - 1:19 AM

The Grammy's: Red Carpet Favorites!

All that fashion got me doing  back flips! Ladies and gentlemen, it is with GREAT pleasure that I am here to announc...

ASAP Rocky - 2:49 PM

Lookbook : EN NOIR Spring/Summer 2013

There’s nothing sexier then a guy wearing BLACK! I’ve been addicted to the fabulous label that is  EN NOIR for a whil...

Beyonce - 12:11 AM

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

She came, she saw…  SHE SLAYED! I am still in a heavy state of shock after Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performanc...

accessories - 2:30 PM

All Black Everything!

When in doubt, wear black! Ladies and fashionistas, it is no secret that the color BLACK is one of my trademarks. I...

Celebs - 10:40 PM

Another night with Chrisette Michele!

Those tattoos are EVERY- FREAKING -THING !  A few days ago, one of my favorite girls hit up Amsterdam to come and p...

Beauty - 10:09 PM

Countdown to Touchdown!

YOU BETTER WORK! As the whole world is getting ready for the Super Bowl (and I’m sitting on the floor with my laptop on my lap… in ...

Beyonce - 10:53 PM

In The Mag - Beyoncé for GQ Magazine

BEY-FREAKING-ONCÉ I just got back from my  pole dancing classes and  finally got my hands on Beyoncé's  GQ pict...

Beyonce - 11:00 AM

Beyoncé season is HERE!

Let the wig/weave  snatching begin! OH. MY. GUCCI. GAGA!      I was thinking about an intro to start off this blog post, but ...

egyptian - 9:37 PM

Legs, legs, legs!

Happy New Year! First of all I wanted to wish all of my readers a happy and fabulous new year. Wishing you all a very fashi...



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