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A Naughty Girls Night Out: The India Monae Life!

12:44 AM

 photo IMG_20130720_121853_zpscee2beee.jpg

Who wants that perfect dress anyway? Cliché! Cliché!

The summer is finally here, and I have tried to enjoy 
every single bit of it!
I have worked a lot these past few days, but I also had a LOT of fun.

From working behind the scenes at the look book shoot of Allan Vos’s SS2014 collection, to working backstage at Amsterdam International Fashion Week during Allan’s show which was FABULOUS on SO MANY LEVELS (blog post in the making), to taking a few trips to the beach with my girlfriends and enjoying a few girls night out!

This past weekend had to be one of the warmest we had in the past few months, 
and I made SURE to DRESS for it!

One of my girls celebrated her birthday and we kicked off the weekend by going out for some food, drinks and loads of fun aka a “Girls Night Out” in the ever oh-so busy city of Rotterdam!

Because of the HOT weather that we have been having lately, 
I decided to go for a casual but fun look.

Dressed in my signature ALL BLACK ERR’THANG look, 
I decided to pair a simple H&M black top with a sexy skirt by American 
stylist India Monae and some New Look coral 
platforms with matching Yves Saint Laurent coral lipstick!

I’ve had this skirt for a while, but didn’t have any occasions to wear it to… 
until last Friday!

The fabulous thing about this stylist has to be the fact that her online boutique as the FIERCEST, SEXIEST and not to forget the most FABULOUS items around on the Internet.

And no, I am NOT Exaggerating!

I’m getting my life AFTER death and THEN some!

The girls and I had fun with the fabulous birthday girl, who was dressed in 
a dress by Celeb Boutique and SICKENING Giuseppe Zanotti  X Kanye West heels.

 photo 20130719_211330_zpse21bf960.jpg

 photo 20130719_211347_zps4f2fa519.jpg

 photo 20130719_211335_zpsb8470180.jpg

 photo 20130719_211328_zps880331a5.jpg

 photo IMG-20130720-WA0066_zpsfd4f9b0d.jpg

 photo IMG-20130720-WA0063_zps778d4eb7.jpg

 photo IMG-20130720-WA0081_zps3d2f4424.jpg

 photo photo6_zpse537da4b.jpg

 photo photo7_zps81452f6f.jpg

 photo 2013-07-20090332_zps1f78ddc5.png

 photo photo8_zpsf1233bd6.jpg

If you're not following India Monae on Instagram yet,
you better GET'CHO LIFE and follow ASAP!

Quote of the day:  Why look like a “Plain Jane” when you can
 look FAB in an India Monae’s item!

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