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H&M: Back To The Beats!

2:02 AM

 photo 2013-06-28010554_zpsde4a5dd2.png

Sophisticated RATCHET!

It looks like everyone & their grandmothers
 have jump on the “Pour It Up” lifestyle!
H&M released their newest visuals for their new line
 “Back To The Beats

After taking a first look… I can clearly state that this line has RIHANNA written ALL OVER IT!

Of course I couldn’t stay home after seeing 
I headed out to the H&M down town in The Hague, for the Shopping Night (the one night where the shops are open till midnight!) and TWERKED my way to the line and got my self some goodies!

Now if you know me well enough… you can guess which pieces I got!

The swagged out oversized tees, black snapbacks, sexy bodycon dress, 
ratchet gold accessories, dope ass prints… 


I LIVE for the colors, prints, Thug-ish looking models a la Cassie & Rihanna .

Hell, who needs to go to LA, when we can bring the HOOD in our own country!

I can see H&M has stepped their cookies up & TWERKING all over Rihanna’s 
River Island collection (because let’s be real * insert SHADE here* … 
the second line wasn’t all that & a bag of chips!)

 photo 2013-06-28010510_zps4a32cff5.png  photo 2013-06-28010434_zpsaa1dd769.png  photo 2013-06-28010243_zps00d5696b.png  photo 2013-06-28010836_zps2d3f1828.png  photo 2013-06-28010207_zps97db2f83.png  photo 2013-06-28010044_zpsa10b3e62.png  photo 2013-06-28014537_zpsccdfb5ee.png  photo 2013-06-28005904_zpsa8eb408f.png  photo 2013-06-28005815_zpsa3a2ab7c.png  photo 2013-06-28004707_zps5823f0f6.png  photo 2013-06-28005700_zps8e581882.png  photo 2013-06-28004608_zpsf6771cd5.png

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to seeing (especially white) 
girls working on this whole RATCHET culture & starting 
a TWERKING revolution (I see you Miley ;))

For more items and prices TWERK your behinds over to H&M!

Quote of the day: I said it before & I’ll say it AGAIN
EVERY girl has a little bit of RATCHET in them!

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