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Get Summer Ready With Teyana Taylor!

12:52 AM

 photo tumblr_mocpu1XSDF1rwk42fo1_500_zpscf97b90b.jpg

* Puts her food down & starts run…. Just kidding! 
Keeps on eating! *

Can someone PHU-LEASE tell me what is more depressing, than eating some chicken wings while scrolling thru your Instagram feeds, and finding a few pictures of Teyana Taylor & her sickening body??? 

Nothing right… 
well there is something worst than that… having your favorite pair of Louboutins SOLD OUT!  
(Damn you Christian!)

Teyana who has been signed to G.O.O.D. Music 
(Kanye’s record label) for a while now for God knows why 
(I haven’t heard a song in ages!) was caught behind the scene of her 
Complex Magazine shoot snatching wigs and body fat while not giving one 

These chicks ALMOST had me put my KFC 
down and go for a run… in the middle of the night!

Whatever it is that she does (because music is not 
one of the things apparently) I can not be mad!

She is giving me some hardcore MOTIVATION
*Kelly Rowland voice*

 photo tumblr_mocpgeMqm91qkwoclo3_500_zps03fbdf0c.jpg

 photo tumblr_mocnzq384f1ssk1n0o1_500_zpsb50b094a.jpg

 photo tumblr_mocpgeMqm91qkwoclo2_500_zps7cea4c0f.jpg

 photo Screen-Shot-2013-06-13-at-53003-PM_zps71e00f2b.png

 photo Screen-Shot-2013-06-13-at-53021-PM_zps25d381ce.png

 photo tumblr_mocpgzsfbQ1ssk1n0o1_500_zps0e0493a0.jpg

Quote of the day: The school year and all its drama is almost over… 
I need to get ready for the SUMMER!…. Thank you Teyana! WURK CHICK!

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