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A PIOGG Summer!

11:49 PM

 photo 208576_570319602985738_69932227_n_zps2d129289.jpg

Damn you Dutch summer!

The summer has OFFICIALLY begun…. But I’m sitting in my house listening to Kelly Rowland’s new album (Talk a Good Game is SICKENING! ... blog post soon to follow!) while looking at the pouring rain on my window.

Back in the days of the Bible, it rained for 40 days, 
it was called a disaster. Here in Holland, when it rains for 40 days or more…
 we call that “SUMMER”!

Oh, how I * insert sarcasm here * LOVE this country and its summers!

(A good thing I’ve booked a flight to…. 
Ya’ll  will find out soon!)

But do not worry my fashionistas (especially the ones who might come/ 
stay in Holland during the summer)

I have found a FABULOUS fashion solution to this issue!
Well actually, a lady who I might add has to be an angel send to this earth 
by the fashion gods, who came up with the WORLDS MOST SOPHISTICATED 

Ladies and gentlemen, Daphne Gerritse is our fairy godmother 
in times of HEAVY RAIN!

Thanks to one gorgeous male model, one of my girlfriends and I hit up the city of 
Amsterdam to head out to the FANTABULOUS launching event of PIOGG,
which was held back in April! 

(Don’t judge the timing for this post… these past few months
were full of school papers, assignments, presentations and etc.)

(I will spare ya’ll the details on how we got lost & how we 
barely made it to the beginning of the show… DAMN YOU 9292OV!!!)

The show started off with some FIERCE dancers VOGUEING all 
over the stage (and of course I couldn’t keep still)

The coats were AMAZING!
From the colors to the fabric & make up by Yves Rocher… 
the whole event was to die for!

I chitchatted with a few people after the show, enjoyed some good food 
and sweet cupcakes by Classy Bitez (with their gorgeous cupcake lady) 
and had a little cracked up moment with my girl… yes, there was a little alcohol involved! 
* wink *

To the event planner… Evy’s Proposal; you did an AMAZING job! 
I loved the cookies I received & not to forget the goodie bag full of fun things!

And last but not least… the whole crew, models and entertainment was on POINT!

 photo 164628_589056634445368_701638532_n_zps617928cb.jpg

 photo 547452_506842092710279_148598485_n_zps62a3651b.jpg

 photo 528246_589057944445237_448366579_n_zps1ac557f2.jpg

 photo 562385_585186971499001_491586980_n_zps3028e8ea.jpg

 photo 533807_585186871499011_988063439_n_zps6160ca83.jpg

 photo 536920_585187178165647_967928405_n_zps2008630d.jpg

 photo 531965_589056994445332_1637619014_n_zpsead3edf5.jpg

 photo 532692_585187128165652_2063483319_n_zps0ef62347.jpg

 photo 320050_585187024832329_1004360359_n_zpsda0874db.jpg

 photo 7563_585187198165645_1898782432_n_zpsaf19692a.jpg

 photo 644753_589065071111191_1272041489_n_zps7d8b0879.jpg

 photo 11669_585214871496211_532991462_n_zps7bb45d6b.jpg

 photo 27129_583826071635091_1240763973_n_zps5fb0bb27.jpg

 photo 61552_583826741635024_154456230_n_zps9f371416.jpg

 photo 791_608463079171390_302474381_n_zps7ae3e13c.png

 photo 943149_596428043708227_1656131699_n_zps063d3e8b.jpg

 photo 936348_598084550209243_836348012_n_zps9cdf8201.jpg

For more on PIOGG make sure to LIKE the page on Facebook,
 and if interested in one of their fabulous coats, head out to  www.piogg.com !

Quote of the day: I wonder if I order one of these coats… 
Will I get a male model as well?

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  1. Those raincoats are FAB,great picks girlfriend!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Tamara ChloƩ

    1. And OMG! Your blog is to DIE FOR!!! We NEED to go shop!!



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