Black woman - 10:03 AM

Rihanna Lashes out at Dutch Chief Editor of "Jackie" magazine!

  Well damn… Good morning to you too! One of my morning rituals when I first open u my eyes, is looking for my Iphone. You know,  just th...

Chanel - 10:12 PM

Diva Heading To Paris

How the hell am I going to carry all this? Well I’m just done packing all of my stuff for tomorrow.  I just can’t wait to be back in  Par...

life - 1:22 PM

No More Drama.... In The Kitchen

Is it just me or I was I born to totally NOT f it in a kitchen? One of my girl's mother was celebrating her birthday a few weeks ago,...

Burberry - 10:27 PM

Something to keep you warm.

The Wind has had NO RESPECT for my weave today! Well it looks like “Hurricane Season” has hit The Netherlands! This windy season that i...



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