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Diva Heading To Paris

10:12 PM

How the hell am I going to carry all this?

Well I’m just done packing all of my stuff for tomorrow.  I just can’t wait to be back in 


I posted a picture of my suitcase on Twitter & people started going crazy, because it looked like I packed my stuff as if I was moving to another country.

T o be honest, that suitcase is on of the smallest ones we have at home! 
(so imagine how BIG my suitcase would actually look like if I did decide to move ! lol!)

I had to run down town to buy some last min. stuff to add to my suitcase. 
I know I’m only going for 3 days, but let’s not forget people…

Meaning I carry a lil’ more stuff than your average girl next door:

10 different types of hair/weave lotions, scarves to wrap around my hair at night,
 body lotion, night/ day cream, nail polish kit, combs & brushes, make up, hair straightener, 
hairdryer, heels, flats, slippers for in the shower, bathrobe, bags, eyelashes...

And the list go’s on & on.

So you see people….my suitcase isn’t that big, considering the fact that 
I’m only bringing 6 outfits (3 during the day time & 3 during the evenings).

And of course I need to make sure that my weave looks on point! We all know that the French notice every thing. So I can’t afford to slip up while strolling down the “Champs Elysees”, Chanel, Christian Louboutin and not to forget “Galeri La Fayette!

Anyways, back to my story…. So I worked on my French Fashion this morning to get me in the mood for tomorrow….and I felt like such a Parisian Fashionista. I was rocking my mother’s vintage Chanel tweed blazer with an oversized black belt, a beret & some pearls to finish the look.

I ran into one of my friends, telling me to look out once I get there, because I already looked like a ran Paris!

Well I have a few lil’ things to add to my bag & I’ll be off to bed for my beauty sleep.

We’ll keep in touch!
(Want more of Twenty in This City? Check it out on Tumblr!)

Quotte de la nuit : J'espère de ne pas perdre mon coeur à Paris.   

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