No More Drama.... In The Kitchen

1:22 PM

Is it just me or I was I born to totally NOT fit in a kitchen?

One of my girl's mother was celebrating her birthday a few weeks ago, and off course yours truly was present, a live & kicking.

The day after. I went back to meet up with my girl’s cousin (which is also a friend of mine). I was looking fabulous and ready to hit the town, when after 10 min. I found myself in the kitchen… mixing.

Till this day I don’t know how the hell I ended up in there, but believe it or not.. I had FUN!

Who would have thought, that I of ALL people would be working on a cake. I usually just order them & get my eat-on when I finally have them…

I felt kind of awkward in the beginning, not understanding how that mixing “thing” worked, and didn’t feel like messing up my outfit, but after 5 min. or so I got the hang of it! ( HA! Eat this Gordon Ramsay!)

My friends thought this was SO funny…they even started to take pictures (and posted them on Twitter claiming that the world was coming to an end. Yeah I’m no kitchen princess)

When looking back at those pictures, I noticed that my outfit didn’t really FIT in the kitchen & seeing myself back like that, is just funny.

I think I’m going to have a Beyonce-moment one of these days and take a year off of what I’m doing and start taking cooking lessons...

Or just like Carrie in the “Sex & City 2” movie, just order in!

Don’t know if Le Boyfriend would go for that…
but hey, at least I’ll look FASHIONABLE doing it!

Quote of the day: My mom is actually a CHEF… I know I should be ashamed of myself!

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