Something to keep you warm.

10:27 PM

The Wind has had NO RESPECT for my weave today!

Well it looks like “Hurricane Season” has hit The Netherlands!

This windy season that is coming up is going to have me either killed, 
or give me a freaking bad hair month!

I am NOT joking! I know I only weigh 134 pounds (63 kilo), and I think that my “bedunk” takes half of my wheight, but seriously, I had to hold on to a pole on my way down town today!

Thank God I survived & I’m safe and sound in my WARM bed.

I was “chillin” on the web when I found a few pictures of the Burberry Prorsum Pre-fall 2012 collection. 
And you know my nosy lil’ behind had to look for more…and so I did!


We are going to look nice & classic next fall!!

Make sure you keep a stack of mustard / brown / grey / green / wine red
colored  items in your walk-in-closets for next year.

I specially LOVE the signature Trench Coat that has been restyled into some epic and timeless pieces.

I’m usually not the trench coat type of girl, but I’ll make an exception for next season!

Don't ya'll love this???

Kind of FABULOUS that their bags have some "African"
tribal vibe going on!

Quote of the night: I think I'm going to need another credit card!

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