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Rihanna Lashes out at Dutch Chief Editor of "Jackie" magazine!

10:03 AM


Well damn… Good morning to you too!

One of my morning rituals when I first open u my eyes, is looking for my Iphone.

You know,  just the usual: checking my at whastapp messages, 
checking the e-mails and of course reading what happened overnight on Twitter!

I love social media…I practically LIVE in Twitterville!
  I know what happens back in the US without hollering at my cousins, friends & other people I know, without drastically damaging my phone bill!

So as I was getting to the beginning of my timeline, I saw a very INTERESTING re-tweet that was made by one the people that I follow (@Marisa_Lisse … check her out she is the business!)
 of one of Rihanna’s tweets.

Now for the people who know me, they know that Rihanna is not one of my favourite entertainers in the industry. But THIS I had to know more about.

In the re-tweet Rihanna lashes out at the Chief Editor of the Dutch glossy "Jackie"

So ya’ll know I got curious and rolled out of bed (ON MY FREE DAY!!!), put my laptop on & while it was starting, I looked for the second tweet of Rihanna.

And there it was…the big “FUCK YOU” to the Chief Editor by Rihanna.

The reason for this whole “Twitter Beef” was because the editor had made a comment about the black female race and used the words “Nigga Bitch” to describe it  
AND on top of this FOOLISHNESS had linked Rihanna to it.

Now for the people who follow Rihanna, ya’ll know she ain’t the type to be all cordgial about something if it bothers her…she will speak her mind out and tell your ass like it is (not always a good thing, but hey…ain’t this what GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD do?)

Calling the Jackie a “Magazine that is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights!”

I don’t always agree with what Rihanna doe’s but 

How the hell did these people over at Jackie come up with stuff like this?? I know this ain’t America & people are surely not going to start a freaking sequel to the LA riot, but I for sure as hell don’t think THIS is appropriate in the year 2011! 

Com on now!

If “Jackie” was thinking of a new way to make their magazine more interesting, by just throwing things in there…well they have what they wanted… MORE PRESS!!!

As a pr student, I can say that even if you get bad press…you are still in the spotlight! Good press, bad press…PRESS IS PRESS! People are going to talk about you, mention you and whatever.

At the end of the day you get what you wanted….MORE EXPOSURE!

I for one thing know for SURE this story is going to land “Jackie” on ALL of the top international blogs!

Good job Jackie! *in my most SARCASTIC voice*

Quote of the day: Messing with Rihanna is bad for your health…but good for YOUR pr?????

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