Art - 7:45 PM

Until The World Ends...

We'll still have FASHION ! If you by any chance landed on my blog… that means you “survived” the end of the worl...

africa - 1:33 PM

My big announcement: Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam 2013!

You thought blogging was hard?  Try vlogging! Caution: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE AHEAD! I have been absent for a while, an...

editorial - 12:21 PM

In the Mag.: Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss for Interview Magazine Russia

Well DAMN! Good morning  to you too! As I was walking up to the train this morning with my Signature Hazelnut hot...

cosmetics - 11:32 PM

Throwback Thursday: Pink Friday

Because the strength of a woman is something that can’t be broken! We all know that the month of October is a very ...

Amsterdam - 11:27 PM

Victoria's Secret Grand Opening


africa - 3:23 PM

In the Mag.: Tyra Banks for Arise Magazine.

To smize or not to smize! Miss Fierce aka Tyra Banks is gracing the cover of this month’s issue of Arise Magazine. In an intervi...

Beyonce - 10:00 AM

Beyoncé “bangs” it up with a Tibi outfit!

YES TO THE OUTFIT! I don’t care what anybody has to say, but that white and burgundy, African-looking outfit by ...

africa - 6:22 PM

Black Fashion Week Paris - LaQuan Smith

LaQuan Smith... YEEEAASS!!! I thank the fashion gods for him. His line at the Black Fashion Week had m...

Aaliyah - 12:54 AM

Fall 2012: Aaliyah, A new era!

She is ONE IN A MILLION! The fall season has been here for a while, and I have noticed that Aaliyah’s 90’s swag has ...

africa - 10:27 PM

Black Fashion Week Paris - Alphadi

All the colors of the rainbow I’m not really a rainbow-color type of girl, but when I saw Alphadi’s design on ...

Adama Paris - 12:14 AM

Black Fashion Week Paris - Adama Paris

When in doubt wear BLACK! Adama Paris’s collection had to be one of my favorites. Her African  “All Blac...

Adama Paris - 11:54 PM

Black Fashion Week Paris!

It took me a moment but I recovered…  THE FASHION!!!  OH My Gucci Gaga!!! Two weeks ago my girl Augustina ...

fashion - 7:44 PM

New Video: Nicki Minaj ft Cassie - The Boys

Who needs boys when you know a few bad chicks? Nicki Minaj finally released the video for her long anticipated song  “T...

Beyonce - 9:33 PM

House of Deréon - Fall 2012

There ain’t nothing that Beyonce can’t do! Fall is here and has hit us in the face with full force. I am no...

africa - 12:13 AM

Because life is a roller coaster ride!

Who ever said that running a blog was “easy” needs to have a seat somewhere! Time goes by so fast…it’s like I’m mov...

clothes - 1:34 AM

The making of a Brand!

 Sometimes, I wish I were a guy… wait!  Let me take that back! It has come to my attention that there are a lot of gr...

Beauty - 4:23 PM

Tracks, On Tracks, On Tracks!

Long hair, don’t care! There are times in life when a woman has to change the way she looks. A lot a women do th...

Art - 12:41 AM

Celebrity It bag: "La Rue" by Nina Ricci

Lights, camera....ACTION! Ladies are you as excited  as I am to enter fall? (Please read this with all the SARCASME in...

Anna Dello Russo - 2:20 PM

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

I’ll be your fashion whore for the day! The Internet has been buzzing for weeks ever since it was announced  that Fashion DIVA of A...

Celebs - 2:43 AM

A night with Chrisette Michele

       That VOICE! I just got back from an intimate unplugged performance of the Grammy award-winning singer Chrisette Michele!...

clothes - 4:49 PM

Goodbye Summer 2012!

     This wind is messing up my weave! LADIES (and gents!) School has just started, and people are ALREADY depressed as hell...

life - 11:07 PM

United, We Stand!

Celebs - 3:43 PM

GaGa, Oh La La!

Walk, walk, fashion Baby! The September issue of VOGUE   is almost here!!! As a fashion junkie of 22 fabulous ye...

clothes - 5:17 PM

This is who I AM!

I’d rather die young! Let me start this post off by saying: “This crack ass weather is driving me NUTS !” I know the weeken...

Beauty - 11:37 AM

Outfit: Fashion Rebel

Every GOOD girl has a DIRTY secret! 

africa - 11:39 PM

Throwback Thursday: Fish & Fashion

Who ever said you can’t mix fashion with food… OBVIOUSLY didn’t know what the hell they were talking about! A few months ago some...

bags - 12:12 AM

The "Grad"

  " It's hot up in here DJ don't be scared to run this,  run this back I'm repping for the girls  who tak...

Beauty - 10:47 PM

Your body is a temple! (+ giveaway!)

This is one of my skin & beauty  secrets for the summer time!  I’ve noticed that as time passes by, I’ve been more and more cons...

fashion - 11:28 PM

A day in the life of...: I am Aisha!

  “Je doet STIFF”  – Aisha A few days ago, I had the opportunities to hang out with female MC   I am Aisha. You might remember ...

events - 12:51 AM

Wanna be on TOP? Get at FUUZE!

Attention models:  It’s time to get it cracking! All these programmes out there who are focusing on bringing the “best” talent...

clothes - 11:38 PM

A Lil’ Girl In A Men’s World.

Who said women can’t wear men’s clothes? I hit up the man’s store Credo the other day, and boy was I happy I went inside! You k...

Black woman - 12:53 AM

This summer…get SINGLE!

Single Ladies is finally back on TV (internet!)    OMG ! I have waited for what has felt like an  ETERNITY  for my favourite sho...

clothes - 10:22 PM

Fitting Room Diaries: Forever 21

The warm weather is (was) here!   A few days ago, a friend and I went over the border to head over to Antwerp for a lil’ shopping spr...

life - 12:54 AM

Those moments in life.

Quote of the night: I'm getting CLOSER to my dreams.

bags - 1:47 PM

Outfit: Urban Hippie

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

bags - 11:18 PM

That lil’ bit of luxury.

Every girl deserves to treat herself to something FABULOUS. I’m not really the type of person who  will show off the things she ...

clothes - 10:03 PM

To Blend or NOT to Blend...

  Bad Gyal K is in tha BUILDING & back with that long hair! I hope everybody had a good &  relaxing weekend. ...

Beauty - 11:44 AM

Under the Hair Radar: TIPFU

Let the hair games begin! For ALL my ladies out there… I got something for ya’ll… I’m talking about a Dutch ba...

africa - 10:55 AM

Under the Music Radar: Meaku

Them SHOES tho! It has come to my attention that African artist are seriously taking over the charts! I got approached by a...

African - 2:12 PM

Interview: Me & My Hair!

Well I guess I’m getting in the public eye! Ladies & gentlemen,   I am proud to announce to you all, that I have bee...

Alexander McQueen - 1:31 PM

Fashion Rundown: MET Gala 2012

I’m gonna need for some celebs to FIRE their stylists… ASAP! I jumped out of bed this morning,  like a lil’ girl ready to open her C...

africa - 3:08 PM

Rihanna goes back to Africa for new music video!

I spy with my lil’ eyes…the All Seeing Eye…  do you? One of my girls told me about Rihanna’s new video for her new single  “Wher...

African - 11:02 PM

When Fashion & Food meet!

Girls just wanna have fun! The weather has been so crazy these past few days, just makes me want to pack my bags and go on a lil...

ANTM - 10:30 PM

Update - Celebrity Crush: Nigel Barker

Ladies and gentlemen it is OFFICIAL! Nigel Barker KNOWS that I have a crush on him! After finishing my post last night on my cr...



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