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New Video: Nicki Minaj ft Cassie - The Boys

7:44 PM

Who needs boys when you know a few bad chicks?

Nicki Minaj finally released the video for her long anticipated song
 “The Boys” featuring Cassie.

I first heard the song a few weeks ago, and started to shake what my momma gave me in my room (where no one could judge me!) after the second time I turned it up.

We all know Nicki is going to get some backlash for this song… 
and honestly…. 

I don’t care!

The BEAT is bananas!

I don’t care much for Nicki’s tantrums on American Idol, 
I don’t care for her lacefront which sticks to her eyebrows… 
Hell, I ain’t even checking for Cassie’s flat ass.

Nope! Not at all!!

I just want to bounce my behind on this one!

Nicki… there is so much I want to say about her… but there are 
just not enough letters in the alphabet to explain how she makes me feel.

Cassie… I was over her 5 days after she shaved half of her head 
back in the year 1900 and every basic bird jumped on that wagon.

I’m still mad people are still rocking that hairdo!

But you know what… I’m just going to leave it at that and get my bounce on!

Quote of the day: PRETTY GANG! 

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