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Because life is a roller coaster ride!

12:13 AM

Who ever said that running a blog was “easy” needs to have a seat somewhere!

Time goes by so fast…it’s like I’m moving at the speed of light…

School has been keeping 
the agenda very busy and 
off course yours truly has 
also been spending time at a few events.

I was thinking that the month of September/ October would be boring and that I would have to lock myself up so I wouldn’t be bothered by the cold…

WELP, I was wrong!

From the  VIP Night at "Lush" to the “Styled by You” event in Amsterdam to the first “Black Fashion Week” in Paris and back in time for the “Bizar Luxury Fashion Event” in The Harbour Club in Amsterdam…


And off course when you are spending time with me… 
you are sure to be in for a CRAZY ride.

I’m talking about cracking up during a car ride with some Burger King, having oysters in the middle of the night with some good wine in a restaurant in Paris, to missing the train back to Holland and having a FABULOUS hotel room booked (in BRUSSELS!!!) by the train company, to drinking so much that you can’t hold it anymore and have to pee on the side of the road… 

Yes my life is NEVER boring and people ALWAYS get entertained!

Don’t worry… I’m working on the posts!

Let me give you a few candids in the meantime….

There’s a lot coming up… but for now enjoy my song of the moment!

(Solange’s fashion game is on POINT!!! Losing a man NEVER looked this fly!)

Quote of the day: Can somebody bring me some Vodka on the rocks? 
I got a LONG night ahead of me!

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  1. You are gorgeous! Love your style! Life may be a roller coaster, but it looks like you're making the most of it! Have fun!





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