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Black Fashion Week Paris!

11:54 PM

It took me a moment but I recovered… 
OH My Gucci Gaga!!!

Two weeks ago my girl Augustina & I packed our bags and headed out to the city of love and lights.
 Off course I’m talking about PARIS!

You all know how much I love Paris… I just can’t get enough of that beautiful city.

But this time I didn’t go to relax or have a major shopping spree (well we did a little bit of shopping, but never mind that!)…  My girl & I hit up Paris's very first Black Fashion Week!

Ladies and gentlemen, I came, I saw… I got lost & I fell in love with the fashion.


The African fashion scene has been highly underestimated if you ask me.

The beautiful continent that is AFRICA has such creativity… I can’t even explain.

Miss Adama Paris, I salute you, your team and all of your wonderful work to get all these designers together for the first Black Fashion Week.

I was blown away by the “All Black Everything” collection of Adama Paris, the beautiful pastel and cream colors of Miss Sophie Nzinga, the fabulous neon of LaQuan Smith, the dramatic pieces of Martial Tapolo & Soucha and off course not to forget the sexy men of Zacometi & J.Cheikh. (Yes, there was a lot of eye candy!)

All the collections were mind blowing, but off course as a true “BLACK WEARING DIVA” my all time favorites had to be the collections of Martial Tapolo & Adama Paris. I’m all about the black…


La Quan Smith had enough to get a sister want to get funkadelic while looking fierce though! Known from dressing celebs like Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Amber Rose, this man came harder then Nicki Minaj’s crazy ass power tantrum on American Idol!

Thula Sindi’s silhouette caught me off guard! I LOVED.
Jamila Lafqir’s Moroccan style incorporated with African fabric was the BUSINESS.

All the designers were 

I talked to a lot of great fashion minded people and enjoyed these wonderful two days!

I was READY to go!
(in all BLACK!)

Miss Augustina Austin - fresh to death!

Miss Black France

Miss Black France & I

Adama Paris

LaQuan Smith

Jamila Lafqir

Sophie Nzinga


Martial Tapolo


Martial Tapolo

The pictures of all the shows will be up 
in the upcoming days so stay tuned!

For more on the shows make sure to check out my girl 
Augustina Austin's African & lifestyle website

Quote of the day: Up to the next edition! I’m already packing my bags!

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