Celebrity It bag: Celine Mini Luggage

1:22 AM

Life would be boring without bags!

Almost bought this bag today unfortunately, they didn’t have the color that I wanted!

The infamous “Celine” bag has been spotted on numerous celebrities and fashionistas around the glob.

This cutie has been on my mind for a while now,  I tripped and  almost fell while passing by the store where it was fabulously “staring” at me from the store’s window.
(I swear I could here it call my name!)

I still can’t believe that the Celine mini shopper is available in a boutique over here in Holland!

Anyways, the lady was so kind to let me know that they’ll receive new bags in July!

I can’t wait! 

Quote of the night: I'm going to dream about my pink Celine bag!

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