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Celebrity It bag: Celine Mini Luggage

1:22 AM

Life would be boring without bags!

Almost bought this bag today unfortunately, they didn’t have the color that I wanted!

The infamous “Celine” bag has been spotted on numerous celebrities and fashionistas around the glob.

This cutie has been on my mind for a while now,  I tripped and  almost fell while passing by the store where it was fabulously “staring” at me from the store’s window.
(I swear I could here it call my name!)

I still can’t believe that the Celine mini shopper is available in a boutique over here in Holland!

Anyways, the lady was so kind to let me know that they’ll receive new bags in July!

I can’t wait! 

Quote of the night: I'm going to dream about my pink Celine bag!

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  1. Isn't this from the pop up store in den haag broekhorstraat? I wanted to buy it 3 months ago, but i didnt. So they have them again??? xx

    1. Nope it's from a boutique in Rotterdam! There's a new store in town?

  2. Which color do you want? I am craving the leopard.

    1. I need the red one in my life! like ASAP!!! Lol!

  3. OMG this is like my favorite bag EVER! Do you know the name of it? I'm in the market for a new overly expensive bag I can rationalize with the name "investment piece". Love your blog, totally following you! Maybe you could check out mine?

  4. Celine bag is exactly infamous compared to other bags brand like louis vuitton, but I like it. I wanted to buy some Celine bags in the other day. But I'd learn some more information before I do it. One blog I read is http://www.celinebagshandbagsvip.com/. Maybe you'll like it.

    1. really? I'm going to take a look! Thank you!

  5. Celebrities all love celine bags, they are cute and also classy, no women would say no to these cute bags! http://www.tejidospolitex.com/celinebags/

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