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African Weddings!

12:16 AM

Weddings are always nice

Le Boyfriend and I attended our first wedding together yesterday…and boy were 
we smoking hot!

It was a very busy day considering that I, as one of the wedding planners, was running all around the church and the reception trying to attend to the bride and groom’s every need.

Even thought I was busy as hell…and heavily stressed trough out the whole day, I did try to enjoy the evening as much as I could.

One thing with African weddings…
nothing go’s according to the plan!

Everything we had rehearsed months / days  before, just went out the window

But during the chaos, kids running around, 
people being all over the place and etc.…it was fun.

One thing for sure…I  was a show-stopper ;)

Shout out to Uzuri Couture for hooking me up with my GORGEOUS 
dress and Le Boyfriend’s tie and of course not to forget my personal MUA
 miss Louisa Fofie (ya’ll be reading/ hearing more about her in the future!)

I wasn’t quite a big fan of the color of the fabric at first, but thanks to Audrey’s 
(the designer) design, I fell in love with the end result.
 (after altering the dress TWICE and adding a tail to it…
I still don’t understand how my butt and hips got bigger in 3 weeks time…!)

With Le Boyfriend

With mister Big D.

With my girls

Thank God we ALL survived the day.
Shout out to the newlyweds!

Quote of the night: Never thought I'd look good in white & gold! 

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