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Fitting room diaries!

11:26 PM

Once in a while, a girl has to treat her self to something nice!

And so I did!

After a long weekend of work and a fashion show, 
I decided to treat myself to some retail therapy.

There is nothing more relaxing then walking around (BY YOURSELF) clothing racks,hanging  
with this season’s new collection.

I simply LOVE to shop in Rotterdam, because the city has all tons of different 
stores that The Hague doesn’t have!

I’m talking about Monky, River Island, New Look and a few others.

River Island has to be one of my favourite stores. 
60% of my shoes are from there! I mean come on!

The good thing about shopping alone, has to be the fact that you can walk 
around a store as long as you want without SOMEBODY nagging for you to get out.

I don’t want non of that when I’m shopping!

I don’t want to think about ANYTHING or ANYONE
It’s what I call “me-time” (I have a lot of things that do that can be considered as “me-time”, but I’ll talk about this another time)

Finding fabulous accessories, finding new small independent boutiques, buying shoes at my favourite store… all of this makes my soul “Zen on a Fashion Level” (don’t laugh I’m serious!)

And I off course always have fun in the fitting rooms.
Taking pictures to look back at the pieces (If I didn’t buy them), trying something on for the second time (because I’m alone and I CAN) and making the clothes bring out the silhouette that I’m looking for.

I LOVE fitting rooms! The bigger, the better.

I don’t understand how in the hell some people NEVER go to fitting rooms, and take time to try on something. I really am not the type of girl who is going to buy something, regret it and then go right back to the shop…no ma’am, I ain’t got no time for that!

Unfortunately I didn’t buy the leopard dress…
it was way too long, even if I would put some high heels on…
I’d still need to take a few inches off.

It’s not always fun being  a shorty!

And those white sneaker/ wedges which have started to become a trend…
I don’t really like them! 
Give me a sneaker OR a wedge…don’t give me a mix of both…they look hideous! 

Jacket, tribal skirt & black skirt: River Island
Leopard maxi dress: New Look
Sneaker/wedge: Shoeline 

Quote of the night: I especially like the 90's themed jacket. 
Reminded me of Versace back at that time !

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