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Stephany’s Black Style Magazine

12:23 PM

I guess the “black hair community” is making it’s intro over here.

So I went to the first ever “Black Hair” convention over the weekend,
here in The Hague which was organized by FabVisi.

I have to be honest when I say that I was kind of impressed that something like that was ACTUALLY going  to take place over here.

Because let’s be honest, 
Holland can not be compared to the US when it comes to the “black hair” market.

All the products / hair/ hair styles/ hair techniques that are here, come from the US
It’s like we are waiting for trends to blow over our side of the continent. -__-
(I really need to get back "home" soon)

But now thanks to the internet, social media, YouTube and bloggers… 
it’s easier for the individuals to work with what they've got to get the look they want 
(instead of waiting for a trend to make it’s debut here and follow the crowd)

But back to my subject….

As my girl Fran and I entered the building, we were greeted by a colorful stand owned by
 “Stephany’s Black Style” magazine.

We had a lil’ chat with the staff and got a free copy of the magazine.

The magazine looks really good. It contains everything from weaves, braids, dreads, 
celebrity hair styles to tips for kids hair and off course not to forget hair styles for the brothers.

The website is still under constructions, but get yourself a copy to see what I’m talking about.

To contact the magazine (for features / subscriptions to the magazine/ advertisement)
 you can mail to blackstyles.nl@gmail.com

Quote of the day: Was about damn time that a Dutch based “black hair” 
magazine was put on the market! 

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