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Braid It Up & Treat It with Argan Oil!

10:53 PM

Twist it up

Ok, so I know I was ranting about being happy that I was going natural for a while… BUT I got distracted by a style that I wanted to do a long time ago, which I saw back in a magazine.

I’m talking about BRAIDS!

I wanted to have them before my last hair style (I was being called the “lil’Red Ridinghood” for a while).

But because I couldn't find the right style & the right person to do it….I was just going with the weave for one more time.

After taking my weave out, and letting my hair breath a little bit, 
I decided to go on with what I really wanted to do…braid my hair.

I got a few backlashes because of that…

You know the typical : “Why do you wanna braid?”& “A weave looks better on you”.

There’s one thing about me, when I want to do something…
you best believe that I AM GOING TO DO IT!

You can’t tell me what TO DO or NOT TO DO with MY hair. 
Because last time I checked, the hair was growing on MY head.

Anyways, one of my girls gave me the phone number of a “at home hairdresser”
 who braided her hair, which I totally LOVED.

So last week Wednesday I woke up early, called the lady, 
went out of the house and went to a hair shop to buy 4 packs of Expression 
(for only 10 euro’s!).

It took almost 8 hours to do, but I am HAPPY with the results! I got them long twist!

It’s really easy to work with and off course easy to maintain. 

Now I’m going tot tell ya’ll a lil’ secret…

The product that has me especially happy with, has to be virgin Moroccan Argan Oil. I’ve been using it for a while, and I can tell you that it is a miracle worker. 
But you gotta buy the REAL DEAL tho’!

Virgin Argan Oil is mad from the argan nuts, which grow on the argan three
 in the beautiful land of Morocco.

The oil can be used as a mask for the hair (hot oil treatment), lotion for the skin 
(especially for dry skin), 
oil for the nails (it makes your nails stronger) and can also be used the kitchen 
(really healthy)

No fronting, no lies virgin argan oil feeds your hair to the max and keeps it moisturized.

It may cost a lot, but it’s worth every penny!

Ya’ll know me, I love to play with my look and refuse to blend in with the crowd!

Quote of the night: The weave society has brainwashed a few of us…it’s okay to look DIFFERENT

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