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Under the Hair Radar: TIPFU

11:44 AM

Let the hair games begin!

For ALL my ladies out there…

I got something for ya’ll…

I’m talking about a Dutch based online hair shop named
 TIPFU (This Is Perfection For U), which has EVERYTHING that your lil’ heart can desire.

From hair extensions, to BRAZILIAN hair (in all it’s GLORIOUS forms), 
products for men, products for kids, skin products and my all time favorite… 
Moroccan ARGAN OIL!!!!!

I haven’t used their Argan Oil yet, but I’m gonna contact the owner and see if this is 
the real deal. I’ll get back to ya’ll with a review ASAP!

Take a look at the website and have fun.

There’s even a  page where people share their tips & tricks on how they use/ take care of  their extensions. (and if interested, you can also send in your own video on how you take care of your extensions!)

It don’t matter is you White, Black, Chinese, Porto Rican, Indian…
they have something for err’body and their baby mommas!

(And for the sisters who bleach…they have it all… you didn't hear it from me…)

Even if you are looking for something specific and you can’t find it on the website…you can always contact the staff, and they will look all over the 7 continents to make sure you get your product!

Now ain’t that some GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE?

And on top of ALL of that, they ship WORLDWIDE!

There’s a banner on the left of the blog, which will take you straight to the website!

Quote of the day: As long as your hair looks FABULOUS, 
then TIPFU is the place to be! 

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