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Interview: Me & My Hair!

2:12 PM

Well I guess I’m getting in the public eye!

Ladies & gentlemen,
 I am proud to announce to you all,
that I have been interviewed
about my hair and all the works that come with it!

Remember when I wrote about me going to
The Hague’s first “Black Hair”convention?

Well, people stopped and stared at my braids…
and for some reason, 
I got asked by the owner of website about all hair types/products and etc. for an interview.

I got really excited and went for it!

The results can be found on www.wiewathaar.nl

WieWatHaar is everything HAIR & mad for Hair LOVERS.
It has videos, reviews of products, the best hairdressers in Holland are featured on the site
and a lot more can be found.

The interview was really fun to do!

Basically, I was just being  myself. 
Telling a few of my hair secrets, the drama with having a lot of hair on a small head,
 my favourite products and of course my fashion sense.

Unfortunately for my non-Dutch readers, the interview is in Dutch… 
(if you’re really interested I could definitely put up an English version of the interview!)

I’ve put a banner on the side of my blog, which will take you straight to the interview!

Quote of the day: Shout out to the staff of WieWatHaar!

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