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In the Mag.: Tyra Banks for Arise Magazine.

3:23 PM

To smize or not to smize!

Miss Fierce aka Tyra Banks is gracing the cover of this month’s issue of Arise Magazine.

In an interview up close with the magazine, Tyra reveals her struggles she had about her awkward teen years and how the obstacles she faced as a black model in the fashion industry.

 “I was constantly being told ‘No, no, no, you can’t have this job, you can’t have that cover, you’re not going to make as much money as the white girl next to you!” 

I know some people think Tyra can be a little EXTRA sometimes, but be honest… you got to love her straightforwardness!

She’s just one of these celebrities who 

Not ashamed to own to the fact that she wears lacewigs, weaves & hairpieces, this model turned entrepreneur and media mogul is one of my biggest inspirations and role models.

No disrespect to all you girls out there who look up to the likes of Evelyn Lozada and other grown ass women, who are mostly known to throw down on (inter)national TV and make a fool out of themselves… (Like the only thing black women do all day is being loud and fight for no reason...)

I’ll take the woman who chooses to empower others!

Have a sneak peek at the behind the scenes of the shoot

Quote of the day: This issue is definitely a MUST-READ!

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