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Fall 2012: Aaliyah, A new era!

12:54 AM


The fall season has been here for a while, and I have noticed that Aaliyah’s 90’s swag has come back to life.

As a true Aaliyah fan, I can say that 12 years after her death, this major music and fashion icon is still present till this day!

It started off with Drake,
who came out with some samples
(God only knows how he got a hold of it!) and used it to make this incredible song with it.

Hearing her voice on some new material gave me goose bumps the first time I heard it. The only thing is, I’m not down with whatever Mister “YOLO” had to rap about!

All that cursing and frontin’…. 
Boy needed to get pimped-slapped for that!

But I’ll just let it be, since he has a little case of “dusturbia” going on. 
I sincerely believe that Drake has mental issues when it comes to Aaliyah.

He needs to get saved!

And now even the fashion industry has hopped on the “Aaliyah-wagon”.

From having supermodel Sessilee Lopez channeling Aaliyah in the latest issues of the 
Block Magazine (which is now available at every newsstands) 
to the new fall campaign ad of Forever 21… 

Aaliyah’s legacy will continue to live on through this fall season!

Quote of the day: Enough said!

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