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A night with Chrisette Michele

2:43 AM

       That VOICE!

I just got back from an intimate unplugged performance of the Grammy award-winning singer Chrisette Michele!

Yes! Miss
 herself is in Amsterdam & enjoying every minute of it!

Holland’s very own Sarah Jane opened up the evening
 with her strong vocals and had the whole crowd grooving.

After a 20 minutes break, Chrisette made her entrance with box braids dressed in a black shirt paired with a body chain, black skinny jeans, a yellow leather biker jacket and
 black Christian Louboutin heels.

Let me say this, she has to be one of the most down to earth celebrities I have met so far!

The way she interacted with the crowd, gave a way a few goodies (signed copies of her album “Epiphany” and a few T-shirts) really shows that she is a true people’s person.

Her voice is AMAZING!

She ended the evening with her single “Goodbye Game”
 with Sarah Jane as her background singer.

The ladies even improvised a song on stage! (And even with a guy from the crowd!)
 These girls are a match made in heaven!

Shout out to both ladies and everyone in the organization 
for this FABULOUS evening!

And thank you Sarah Jane for your EP! 
I’m going to play it all night long!

Quote of the night: I'm in love with these voices!

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