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A Lil’ Girl In A Men’s World.

11:38 PM

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Who said women can’t wear men’s clothes?

I hit up the man’s store Credo the other day, and boy was I happy I went inside!

You know how you (as a woman) can sometimes feel a lil’ awkward when you enter a men’s store…

Because first of all… 
 and second of all…

I used to feel intimidated when walking pass that store.

But this time, I had to go in. I was looking for a present for somebody else…but I ended up buying something for myself! (I know, I know…it doesn’t matter where I go, I always find something for myself… even if it’s in a men’s store!)

Credo has to be one of The Hague’s best kept secrets, when it comes to men’s fashion.

Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci and Dsquared² is just a selection of the wide range of labels available at Credo. But also Dutch main designers, such as Viktor & Rolf are presented in a transparent and clean environment. 
The Credo man is strong and independent. A cosmopolitan man who toured the world, but who has not forgotten his roots. He dresses for himself, depending on his mood with perfect fitted clothes from different labels. Innovative, young minded and successful in what he's doing. He can go to the office wearing an impeccable pinstripe suit or equally with worn out jeans and blazer. He's a man who lays down the rules, he's not subjected to them.

The luxurious chandelier which gives you that fabulous feeling when you walk in the door, is just EVERYTHING! (I love being in luxurious surroundings!)

So, as I said, I was looking for a gift for somebody else when this 
FABULOUS YSL t-shirt caught my attention.

I can’t explain to you how LONG I've been looking for this shirt. 
I was unable to find it in Holland…and was ALMOST desperate enough to buy it online 

The sales rep. who was attending to my every need, gave me a shirt to try on.


The way this (not to forget) men’s shirt was fitting me….

(Thank you FASHION GODS for answering my prayers!)

I fell in LOVE…bought the shirt….and live happy & forever after!

I paired the shirt today with a jacket that I studded myself ( a DIY post is in the making!), 
a pair of jeans that I cut & bleached myself and a pair of
Jacky Luxury’s new snake skin studded sneakers 
(more on those in an up coming post!)

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What I like about men’s clothes is that, we woman wear them BETTER then men!


So, for all the men (& women) out there who also fancy a YSL shirt and other big men’s fashion brands AND some good customer service…
make sure to hit up Credo in The Hague & tell them Kiwi sent you!

And on a side note: then men in there….C.U.T.E!

Quote of the day:  As somebody I know would say: 
“You’re one of the guys, just with breasts and…!” 

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