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This is who I AM!

5:17 PM

I’d rather die young!

Let me start this post off by saying: “This crack ass weather is driving me NUTS!”

I know the weekend is just around the corner, but this weather makes is seems like it’s a freaking Monday!

I ain’t having that, and I know a lot of people out there are feeling the same way I do.

But, don’t be saddened my dear fashion lovers.. 
I have found the COLORFULL remedy!

It has just been a few weeks ago since Fashion Week season has graced our country.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to the shows that took place during the day, 
BUT thanks to the sweetest person on the planet, I was able to enjoy one of the most
 “A LIVE” shows of the week….

I even busted out in “THE DOUGIE” 
in my white Jane Norman dress & Jeffrey Campbell inspired “NightWalker” heels!

I don’t play!

Chanelva Maclean is a BAD mamma jamma!

The debut of her clothing line “Angel&Maclean” had err’body & their baby daddies 
talking for days on the internet.

The event took place in the fabulous “Little Buddha” in the centre of Amsterdam.

Words almost can’t explain how blown away I was about the line… I’m not really a person who wears much color…. But this line right here…I’d wear 

From the neon dresses, to short shorts, T-shirts, caps, 
shoes, studded jackets and the list goes on & on.


The pieces looked like they were made while people were 
having MAD fun with neon spay-on pain.

Hell! This makes me wanna throw some paint on my clothes!

I felt like I was in a Rihanna video… I am NOT kidding.

If you wasn’t there…your ass missed out. I ain’t even gonna front on this one... 
but thanks to the people over at FUUZE.nl.. there's a video! 

And by the way I’m typing this post (In one of my most GHETTO ways that I can) 
you should know I’m dead serious! Lol!

I would like to give a big SHOUT OUT to Miss Maclean & her team of FAB (& yummy) (male) models, the stylists, the MUA’s and everybody who had anything to do with the show!

Show some love & hit up the Angel&Maclean page on Facebook, the Twitter account & if you’re a Instagram junkie…ANGEL_MACLEAN --> & press that FOLLOW button !

For more on the clothes make sure to visit Angel&Maclean online, or if you can’t wait and just want to get your hands on those pieces ASAP…hit Saint-Tropez or ELLE in Amsterdam!

Quote of the day: Because I’m YOUNG & WILDE… and this is WHO I AM! 

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