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2K12 - The Change!

9:37 PM

It was the most wonderful time of the year… and I got ill.

First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy & Fabulous new year!

Christmas & New Years were fun, but I had spend a lot of time inside the house.

I hope you all had fun and were able to enjoy the holidays with the ones you love.

Now that 2K12 has begun, and I have survived my first 2 weeks (my cold turned into the flu)
 I can OFFICIALLY say that I am ready for it!

I always used to laugh at people who would come up with stuff like: 
“This year is going to be MY year” 
( I know we ALL heard that more then a 1000 times), because I don’t believe that you have to 
wait till the beginning of the year to make a change.

A change can be made at ANY major time in life!

Like for instance, I met a well known Dutch actress/ singer a few weeks ago at a beauty pageant I was invited to (more on that in another post), who didn’t wait till the end of the year to make a change. 
Her name? Miss Jasmine Sendar!

For my non-Dutch readers Jasmine used to play in popular soap operas (Onderweg Naar Morgen & Goudkust) here in Holland.

Jasmine left ONM to develop her acting skills, but failed to do so. The actress then stayed without work for a long time. To make the circumstances even a lil’ worse, she went trough a divorce and had to raise her 2 year old son by herself’.


What would you have done if you were in her shoes?
Would you have given up? Would you have waited till the end of the year to do something else?...


Miss Sendar decided to turn her situation into something POSITIVE! Believe it or not, she took a job working as a nurse at an old people’s home.

I remember reading her interview in the Grazia. 
To be honest at first I had felt sorry for her. 
I mean I can understand how hard it is to be making 1000’s a week &
 then having to earn less then that in just one month.

I’m not saying I know how it FEELS, because I don’t, but I can understand the hard transition.

And just for that alone Miss Sendar is officially been crowned a “REAL BOSS CHICK”.

How many woman out there know how to keep going, 
even though sometimes everything seems against them?

 I know ALLOT of them, but they are not living their lives in the public eye like she is.

I guess allot of people judged her & made their own opinions about here… 
I’m glad she didn’t mind THEM and just did what SHE had to do.

Start over!

I’m glad I met her. 
She’s really an inspiration for allot of young girls out there. 
Not only is she doing her thing, but she is now also a member of the all female group “Fourlicious”

Miss Sendar is living her dream all over again.

(Lawd them chubby cheeks of mine!)

As a new start of the year, I wish all my readers the BEST. Don’t wait till the end of the year to make a change, but do what YOU have to do in order to become who YOU want to be and what you want to mean to today’s society!

I know for sure I’m going to make a difference for myself and others this year.

Quote of the day: GIRLS RUN THIS WORLD!

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