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Modefabriek 2012 - The wardrobe

12:20 AM

On Sunday & Monday (the 22nd & 23rd of January) the 32nd edition of the Modefabriek took place in the well known Amsterdam RAI.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it on Sunday, because lil’ old me had to work. 
I missed the final of the MAFB, but I was HAPPY AS HELL when I found out my girl 
Audrey had won the battle! ( More on that in my next post)

The Modefabriek is a big happening over here in Holland
]You can call it one of  Holland’s most important fashion events AFTER fashion week.

I saw allot of people, socialized, made new friends, interviewed a talented designer, made a billion pictures (got put on pictures by many!) and got my drink on!

All posts about the labels who caught my attention will come over the weekend, 
because now… I have these evil ass mid term exams going on & my brain is suffering from too much information…I have a small head you know.

Anyways to give you a little sum sum about what I was wearing…

Studded Jacket : Amisu.
Shirt : H&M.
Tutu : A Gothic store in Rotterdam… don’t know the name.
Shoes: Palladium.
Bracelets: River Island.

It’s always nice to see yourself on the Internet!

Thank you Ady van de Plas for the picture & the Press Only team for the invite!

Quote of the night: I’m addicted to tutu’s !

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