Those fine moments in life!

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Every woman should pamper herself at least once a week!                                                          Modefabriek is over, Fashion Week has started & mid terms exams are in full force! 
(Jesus Help me!)

What’s a girl to do to relax herself? Having some me-time should get you back to your “zen” moment!

I was invited by the staff of LUSH The Hague to enjoy a nice little evening of trying out a few of their products.

 For the ones who don’t know what LUSH is, please go over to their website and have a look.
They have allot a products made out of everything nice in life, to take care of your body.

From delicious facial masks, to sweet shower products, 
to funny looking hair conditioners, to eatable lip scrubs!

I tried out a Oati Mix mask (made out of oats & almond) specially for the dry skin. I’ve had used allot of different kind of stuff over the past few months, because it seems that in the winter, my skin gets DRIER then usual… I can now surely say that I found a lil sweet solution to my problem. The moment I had it on my face, I could feel how refreshing it was and how sweet it smelled.
 (I even ACCIDENTALLY eat some while washing it off…I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone… it’s better for your face then for your stomach!)

The lovely ladies of LUSH held a few demonstrations 
(while we were sipping on some fine Tequilla Sunrise!!!!!)  with some of the cute lil’ items.

Cute pink soaps that turn bleu in warm bath water, Shea butter cream to massage your body, perfumes in all kinds of different scent, that change by the hour and so much more.

When in need of some quality time with just you, yourself and maybe your boo, I can definitely say that LUSH has what it takes to make sure you re-connect with yourself while smelling all goody good!

Make sure to stop by and have a look yourselves, you won’t regret it!

Thanks to LUSH for this GREAT experience my girl Fran & I had fun!

Quote of the night: I smell SOOO good right now !

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