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And the winner is ...

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 See I told ya’ll!

First of all I would like to thank ERR’BODY & their baby momma’s for voting for Uzuri.

Tho the line didn't win the actual pole, my girl Audrey won the  MAFB battle
which took place on the 22nd of January during the 32nd edition of the Modefabriek. 

 Her “African Futuristic” line blew the judges away. 
Note how she used the Vlisco material to produce a mix between the African & today’s Pop culture.

From what I heard, allot of people were really enthusiastic about the line, the media was all over and a few Dutch celebrities were asking for her contacts.

If you ask me, her mission to take over the Dutch fashion scene is going WELL…VERRY WELL!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there to scream my lungs out, but I was there in SPIRIT!!

I’m SO freaking proud of my girl. She has come a long way and I’m glad she won.

My personal favourite is that GAGA-ish jacket!!! Hot Damn!!!! You know I’m gonna have everyone breaking their necks in that thing! Especially if I pair it with those pants & not to forget the accessories by ChiVascustoms.

The models looked fierce as hell! Shout out to however did the MUA!

The proud designer with her models

Uzuri’s showstopper on the picture with JFK’s Steven Dahlberg.

For more info/ pictures on Uzuri check out their Facebook page ( and don’t forget to LIKE the page! )

For info on the accessories by ChiVascustoms, hit their Facebook page & Tumblr.

And don’t forget to follow on Twitter! (@L_Uzuri & @chiVasCustoms )

(picture by Keyshphotography )

Quote of the night: I surround myself ONLY with business minded women! 

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